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Guest blogger Morgan Willhite shares the story of Lily, a senior rescue kitty who now lives happily-ever-after because of a collaborative community and a loving family. 

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Ann may not have been looking for a cat when she took Lily in, but often, our greatest friends take us by surprise. Six months ago, Ann's neighbor came upon a sad, scrawny little cat who was in desperate need of medical attention. If you've ever had a reason to visit the incomparable DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital in northwest Portland, you know this kitty was in good hands.

After her medical needs were met, she was transferred to Multnomah County Animal Services in hopes of locating her owner. When no one came forward to claim her after her stray hold, Ann and Lee decided to adopt her. Ann said “We already had 2 cats, but Lily was such a sweetie, and I believed that she looked so horrible that no one would want to adopt her, so my husband and I agreed to take her in.”

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The veterinarian had determined she was approximately fourteen years old, but she barely weighed six pounds. She had severe hyperthyroidism and a mouth full of rotting teeth. In the past six months, she has gained over three pounds, and has made herself right at home with the two other kitties in the house.

Ann and Lee even discovered she is leash trained and enjoys traveling with the whole family on their extended van trips. When asked how Lily is fitting in with the family, Ann told me “We love our sweet Lily and are happy to have her in our family!”

The great poet Charles Bukowski once said, “I think that the world should be full of cats and full of rain, that's all, just cats and rain, rain and cats...” I think Lily, and Ann and Lee, would certainly agree.




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