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Sunday, June 12th, 2016 @ 2:00pm

We heard several collaboration success stories from our community, and enjoyed time for local organizations and individuals to share their work, advertise available resources, and expose areas where more help is greatly needed.

7 Brilliant Talks!
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We had a great turn out at Lucky Lab on Sunday, a refreshingly sunny spring day here in Portland. A fantastic group, many ACT regulars and also some new faces, attended our event to learn more about animal organizations in our community working together for greater success.

Each organization has a unique mission and target population, but the all-encompassing goal is to improve the lives of animals in our area and beyond. Collaboration allows services to be available throughout the community, and ensures that no resource goes to waste.


Spay & Save - Bridging the Gap for Pet Owners to Resources
Kayte Wolf, Program Coordinator & Melinda Stratford, Program Assistant
Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland (Spay & Save)

Kayte and Melinda kicked us off with a history of the Spay and Save project.  The impact has been so great that local Portland animal shelters have noted a precipitous decline in the number of animals entering shelters, which decreases euthanasia rates.  They work with shelters and clinics throughout the area to provide affordable spay and neuter services for those who need it most.

Building Relationships, Not Silos
Cindy Scheel, Executive Director
PAW Team (Portland Animal Welfare Team) Partner Agency Network20160612 144553

Cindy discussed keeping an open mind when considering partnerships. PAW Team helps to provide food and veterinary care for pets of underserved, low income, and homeless in the Portland area. Understandably, their work frequently overlaps with human organizations. They have teamed up with social services to help identify and pre-approve candidates for assistance from PAW Team.

20160612 145118Creating a Safety-net for Pets
Joyce Briggs
Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland (Spay & Save)

Sheer pride radiated from Joyce as she described ASAP’s collaborative identity. Her career in corporate marketing has helped to propel ASAP’s mission by improving relationships and developing a core set of guidelines for its members. Supporting these solid principles and commitments is the glue that makes ASAP a strong and lasting collaboration.



Saving Lives through Animal Transfer

Karen Green

Cat Adoption Team
Karen discussed how to build a fundamental relationship with another organization without overthinking. Even after careful planning, collaborative relationships occasionally do go wrong. Sometimes rescue animals of the wrong age or health status are delivered unexpectedly, and the recipient is left floundering to accommodate them. The key to success in these events is to stay calm, and assume the best intentions from your collaborative partners.

Fences For Fido: Unchained, One Dog at a Time
Michele Coppola, President 

Fences For Fido20160612 155649
Understandably, if a pet owner cannot afford to fence in their yard, chances are they need help with other areas of pet care. She described helping rural rescue groups build kennels for stray animals awaiting transfer to a shelter, and Fido a volunteer who was refused when she offered to build a fence, but persisted until she discovered the best way to help the owner was to rehome the dog. In both instances, collaboration with other organizations allowed Fences for Fido to help dogs beyond their usual reach.

Win-Win: Collaborating with non-profits without becoming one
Dr. Rosie Gilbert

Viking Veterinary Care
Dr. Gilbert shared her advice for organizations looking to collaborate with businesses and veterinary practices. At the core was the principle of mutual benefit – find ways in which the organization can participate in the business’s outreach and marketing programs. Procedures and medical care for rescue animals allows Viking Veterinary Care to showcase their high standards, while simultaneously advertising adoptable pets.

Retail and Rescue: Working together to support pet adoption
Nancy Fedelem

Salty's Pet Supply & Fang & Feather

20160612 162149 Pano

We wrapped up our discussion with the retail perspective from Nancy Fedelem. Years of running local pet shops have allowed her to educate people about pet nutrition, and she can support local organizations through word of mouth, and even procuring raffle prizes from her suppliers. She encouraged organizations to develop relationships with local retail businesses, especially those related to their work. Sometimes they can help in surprising ways!



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