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We are happy to announce that Animal Community Talks is officially a tax-exempt 501(c)3 non-profit organization!

Non Profit DayWhat does this mean? The biggest difference for our supporters is that donations are now tax-deductible. It is also easier to donate – use Paypal online and donate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., swipe your credit card at events, or use the Donate button (coming soon!) on our website.

Because 501(c)3 organizations are regulated by the IRS and the state, we will be held to high standards for record-keeping and use of resources. We may also apply for grants more easily.

Dr. Marci Koski leads a demonstration of different kinds of cat litter during her lecture about litter box behavior.


One of the foundations of our program is to make quality education accessible. Because financial resources are often limited in the animal field, we have made our presentations free so that no one misses out because of cost.

With increased donations, we will continue improving our program. Our first priority is to update the technology we use to create event videos by adding a device to our inventory called the Atomos Ninja, to more easily capture live PowerPoint presentations and record uninterrupted video. Our current camera interrupts recording every 12 minutes, which presents unnecessary challenges in recording and editing. The Ninja will allow us to edit and post videos online faster than we currently do, which is a request we have received from many of our supporters.

Donated funds will also cover recurring costs, such as supplies for events, web hosting fees, and room rentals.


Meet the Board

From all of us on the new board of Animal Community Talks, thank you for joining us on this mission to create a well-informed and collaborative animal care community.

We hope to see you soon – at an event, on social media, or on our website!

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Founder and President
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Geoff Peterson

Video Production Coordinator and Board Secretary







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Jennifer Raney

Technology/Design Coordinator and Board Treasurer