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Guest blogger Sophia Stalker of PDX Cat Stalker shares her newest projects to help outdoor cats.


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My name is Sophia Stalker and I am a professional cat lady currently residing in Portland, Oregon. 

My enthusiasm for felines and medicine led me to a career of veterinary nursing. Over the past 7 years I have worked in California and Oregon as a licensed veterinary nurse. My passion has always been cats, even as a little girl growing up in Napa, California.


Earlier this year, I was inspired to take a chance and I left my full time veterinary technician job to start a business of my own. Not only had I been wanting to work exclusively with felines, but educating clients on how to be the best cat guardian possible had become my favorite part of my career. I launched PDX Cat Stalker in April of this year to do everything from cat consulting to teaching owners how to administer medications on their own.


The Idea

Snow Day University of Oregon 29

With the recent transition into winter and the dark and chilly nights, I have spent a lot of time worrying about all of the outdoor cats. When the snow arrived, I was even more upset and knew I had to do something to help as many strays, ferals, abandoned, neglected and outside cats as possible. When I was volunteering at Feral Cat Coalition in November we built winter shelters for the feral cat communities. Not only were these simple to make, but the supplies needed was reasonably inexpensive.


I immediately reached out to my cat community to see if anyone had the items I needed to donate to my project. After getting a lot of positive feedback and support (and a few donated items), I decided to try to reach out to even more cat lovers and thus started my Go Fund Me campaign. Where clients would normally tip me for my cat services, I instead asked for the money to be put towards building cat shelters. Once word spread, I was able to reach halfway to my goal!


Next Steps

Where is my project currently? I am waiting for the supplies to arrive at my home! Once I receive everything, I can start building as many as possible with the resources I have and distributing them to the cat community. Anyone who has neighborhood outdoor cats, feed strays, have cat visitors in their yard or porch, have abandoned or feral cats around, have a safe or quiet space (preferably with coverage from the rain) in their backyard or porch or deck, etc. could absolutely have one!


The shelters themselves are made from 18 to 32-gallon rubber maid storage bins. Once entry and exit holes are cut, the inside is lined with insulation and filled with emergency blankets and straw. When one (or more) are placed in a quiet and safe area, outdoor cats have the option to sleep in a warm and dry place away to ideally give them a break from danger and uncomfortable weather conditions.


Community Support

How can you help? Spread the word! Share my Go Fund Me link on your social media sites or email to specific animal lovers and urge others to do the same. Donate whatever amount you can (even $5!) or drop off or mail supplies to me:

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Thank you for taking the time to read about my project and for considering helping by donating or sharing. This is going to be a year round project so I can continue to help cats next winter season too.


For more information about PDX Cat Stalker you can head over to my website or go to my Instagram and Facebook site to follow this project and see cute cat photos.




Smokey Jack receives his shelter

smokey jack

smokey jack2


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