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As we move into 2017, you will notice a small change to our event announcements: a $5 suggested donation.


Animal Community Talks is built on the idea of making quality education accessible. In the animal field, our resources are

Networkinglimited, and this can limit opportunities for learning. But learning is the very thing that will help us grow - in our animal care skills, our careers, and in reputation. Because this value of accessibility is so important to us, there is no charge to attend our events.


Thankfully, because our speakers are generous in sharing their time and expertise, our meeting spaces are often donated, and because we have no paid staff, our program costs are fairly low. We do have some regular expenses that we hope this new donation will help us cover. For instance, there are costs associated with owning a website, retaining non-profit status, and maintaining video equipment. For some of our special events, there is also a cost for the meeting space. Our hope is that this $5 suggested donation will encourage attendees who have the resources to donate to do so, which will help us with these regular costs.


CameraWhen you see our request for a $5 suggested donation at our events, please know it is exactly that - suggested. If you are part of the animal field and you want to learn, we want you to join us! We will not track who does and does not donate, though receipts are available for tax-deduction purposes, and we will never turn anyone away.


Thank you for supporting our work and making lives better for animals. We look forward to learning and collaborating with you in 2017!

Click HERE to make a donation today.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated!