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Dr. Constance De Haan is a veterinary radiologist and Medical Director at IDEXX Telemedicine Consultants, and her talents can’t be boxed in - she loves science and art, enjoys caring for people and pets, and supports local and global communities. She is as comfortable in a kayak as she is in a darkroom interpreting radiographs.


As a child, De Haan spent some time living in Peru and developed an interest in animal fiber.  This love continued through adulthood, when her entrepreneurial spirit led her to start a small, successful yarn business, which is still thriving today. And though she no longer owns this business, she still indulges her “general addiction to luxurious animal fibers.”


Nell in the snowIn school, De Haan initially studied Forestry, Genetics, and Bioresource Science at UC Berkeley, then completed her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis. While in her third year of veterinary school, she brought a yellow lab named Nell into her family. Nell was the first dog she cared for as an adult, and Nell was with her through vet school, her residency, the birth of her daughter, and her early days as a single mother. After developing an osteosarcoma, Nell had to have her left leg amputated, but even as a tripod, “she...just kept her happy spirit, even if she was a bit slower.”


She worked in general practice for several years, followed by a radiology residency at Washington State University. After becoming a board-certified radiologist, De Haan moved back to California, where she owned a large specialty practice in Sonoma County for 21 years.


The experience of owning a large practice showed De Haan her passion for helping extended beyond animals, so she completed a Master’s Degree in Organization Development and an Executive Coaching Certificate. She explains, “As a veterinarian, my oath is to prevent animal suffering - this includes companion animals as well as non-domestic, service, fiber and food animals.  Caring for animals and caring for the people that care for animals is my calling and my life’s work.”



After joining IDEXX Telemedicine Consultants, De Haan relocated to Oregon - with her husband and their two orange felines - and moved into the role of Medical Director, where she oversees a global team of board-certified specialists who provide radiology, cardiology, exotic animal medicine, dentistry, and dermatology consultations to veterinarians. During her free time, she enjoys many engaging activities, like yoga, skiing, hiking, cycling, gardening, cooking, and playing her viola.


In addition to leading veterinary teams, De Haan is drawn to give back to the community. She has volunteered with youth in agriculture through 4H for 20 years. She has assisted the Marin County Humane Society, and was very involved in emergency preparedness planning and education in the Sonoma area. She continues this community involvement here through Animal Community Talks


When asked if the guiding principles of Animal Community Talks fit with her work and commitment to lifelong learning, De Haan enthusiastically replies, “How not?  I believe compassion and respect are not species specific - we are all together on this planet.”