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In 2013, Daniela, Geoff, and I set out to change this little corner of the animal world in our own small way.  Our, “wouldn’t it be wonderful if…” dreams were bright balloons tethered by strings of, “what can we accomplish today?”  That’s life, right?  Dream big, set realistic goals, and a pinch of good luck never hurts.


Looking Back

First Event  

Dr. Fletcher speaking at our first event.

June 23rd, 2013


For the last few years we've been working hard and staying grounded.  As a result, our audience has steadily grown, our speakers continue to come back for more, and we’ve made some brilliant memories along the way.   

Our goal from the beginning was to generate a trickle-down-effect of knowledge which would improve the lives of animals in our community and beyond.  By raising the standard of education and dissolving barriers between shelters, behaviorists, and medical professionals, our dream has always been that our work will positively impact the lives of both people and pets in the animal world


Making Progress

What a pleasant surprise it was, reaching third place for Spot Magazine’s 2017 Top Dog Award in Innovative Programs for Animal Welfare!  It really got us thinking - as we near our 4-year anniversary, it’s looking truly possible that what started as a very uncertain project could reach some of those wonderful ‘ifs’ we’ve been talking about. 

To that end, we’ve decided it’s important to find out more about our impact on the community.  We are having an impact, otherwise we wouldn’t have another years’ worth of events practically booked to the gills!  But how do we measure it?  One way is through you – our audience!


Forward Motion

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Share your story and rate us on to help us grow awareness of our program and evaluate the scope and breadth of our impact so far. 

Have we reached corners of the animal community we’d never dreamed of?  Do we have a long-term impact on the quality of care in our shelters, fosters, and clinics?  We certainly hope so!   

As always, feel free to Contact Us with questions, and check out our Support Us page for more ways to get involved.