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On June 12th, we are celebrating the three year anniversary of Animal Community Talks (ACT) with an event that encompasses all the core values of our program - education, fun, and collaboration.

We are happy to announce that Animal Community Talks is officially a tax-exempt 501(c)3 non-profit organization!

Thank you to our guest blogger, Christine M. Fletcher, DVM

Thank you to guest blogger Laura Perkins of Perkins Animal Behavior Consulting for contributing this blog. 


If you ask my closest friends, they might tell you that I am a bit of a learning addict.  I loved school and am always eager to attend a seminar, workshop, or lecture.  Whether you are like me and love to learn what’s new, or would prefer to rely on the tried-and-true, education is crucial in the dog training world.  

Guest blogger Morgan Willhite shares the story of Lily, a senior rescue kitty who now lives happily-ever-after because of a collaborative community and a loving family.