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Who we are

Animal Community Talks is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization located in Portland, Oregon.  Meet our team!


Vision and Mission

Creating a well-informed and collaborative animal care community by providing accessible opportunities for education and networking.


Founding Principles

1. Start from a place of RESPECT.

2. Treat our peers with the same COMPASSION we have for animals.

3. Expand our KNOWLEDGE by learning from each other, and professionals in the field.


What we do

Live Presentations

We bring together our animal community volunteers and professionals to hear lectures from local experts on topics like behavior, medicine, mental health, training, and hospice.


Video Library

Most of our lectures and presentations are recorded and made available online, courtesy of our talented Video Production Coordinator and ACT Boad Member Geoff Peterson.


Community Networking Events

There are many unseen barriers which prevent us from working together across specialties and fields.  ACT periodically organizes networking events, such as our Collaborate! Talks + Networking event in June 2016.